Burnside 26 (1994 Balvenie)

Adult article (18+)

Blended malt scotch whisky

Burnside, a hidden Balvenie with a dash of Glenfiddich in the cask! Now the third bottling in the TWCC range, it promises a consistently fruity experience. Due to the long maturation of the whiskey in bourbon oak casks, it is underpinned with light tannins, which reflect spicy. Aromas of pineapple, fresh apples and vanilla give the whiskey the status of a venerable, mature malt whiskey, which should only be drunk with good friends.

Nose: Wax, pineapple, citrus, caramel, fruit mix, vanilla, oak, fresh apples
Palate: Melon, mint, plum, herbal note, malt, spicy, sweet, ethereal 
Finish: Full-bodied, fruity and long with delicate, light tannins


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