Ledaig 24 (1997)

Adult article (18+)

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Mull - Peat in its most pronounced form would probably best describe the character of this smoky, 24 year old island whisky. Another Ledaig from the sherry cask, after its predecessor already met with great demand. It shows the flavors of a peaty whiskey clearly and uninhibited. Scents of leather, dark chocolate, peat and rubber combine to create a blast and are accompanied by banana and sweetness on the palate. This celebrates the whiskey to a fantastic peat hammer.

Nose: Maggi, leather, tobacco, wood, bitter orange, roasted aromas, dark chocolate
Palate: Mocha, caramel, sherry, cardamom, banana, wood, umami 
Finish: Intense Mull - peat married with sherry sweetness


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