"Empress of Australia" 2011 (10-year-old Glenfarclas)

Adult article (18+)

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Our 10-year-old "Empress of Australia" single cask bottling could be described as a true sensation: because today it is almost impossible to get hold of a whisky cask due to the fact that this distillery is one of the few still privately owned and hardly sells on any casks. Despite its young years, the malt already offers a full and profound aroma. If the nose shows spicy scents of dried fruit, cinnamon and sherry, the palate confirms these flavors and underpins them with bitter orange and old oak notes. The spicy, slightly dry finish makes the whiskey a true drinking experience.

Nose: sweetness, wood, raisins, sherry, boat varnish, jute, first aid kit, dried fruit, cinnamon, round, perfect!
Palate: sherry, orange, wood, coffee, dry oak, prune, cardamom, cinnamon, top!
Finish: Intense and spicy christmasy.


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