The Holy Illicit 13 (2009)

Adult article (18+)

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 56.0 %

The wild one from the north
For the first time, we have the pleasure of adding a 13-year-old malt from the Orkney Islands, Scotland's northernmost archipelago, to our regional whisky range. When the Vikings set foot on this soil in the 8th century, they were so taken with the rugged landscape that they settled.

A piece of this wilderness is already evident in the spicy, slightly smoky aroma, which is gently backed by old oak. The palate continues this first impression and is completed by flavors such as heather honey, bitter orange, dark chocolate and winter spices. A true Viking from the sherry cask could be said when the long, spicy and fruity finish follows. Exactly which distillery it is can be inferred from the terms in the name as well as from its history.
Nose: wonderful oak note, light smoke, spicy.
Palate: spices, fruity, light smoke, chocolate, heather honey, ethereal.
Finish: full-bodied, spicy and very long

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