Cambus 31 (1991)

Adult article (18+)

Single Grain Scotch Whisky 58.4 %

A rarity from the Lowlands
We remember: In 2018, TWCC launched the first Cambus Grain. This had with 27 years already a considerable age. Numerous whisky connoisseurs had neither heard of this whisky nor tasted it until then. Those who have drunk this grain, however, remember how incredibly creamy and sweet this whiskey was. The high percentage of corn gives it that certain something. Moreover, Cambus is a rather rare grain whisky, which is why we are proud to present another 31-year-old from this distillery this year.
It shows wonderful spicy aromas of bisque, vanilla and fine tea. The slightly bitter tannins on the palate, combined with the excellent taste of melon and molasses, places this whisky in the top league!
Nose: citrus, sweetness, vanilla, biscuit, tea, spicy, creamy.
Palate: spices, tannins, melon, molasses, pepper, cereal.
Finish: spicy and peppery, long

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